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2016 Blink Talent Speaks Out!

Posted on 24 November 2015

At Art Design Consultants and Blink Art Resource we’re passionate about helping artists achieve their dreams and establishing successful careers! After a whirlwind first year and many incredible accomplishments, artwork sales, new partnerships, a national art expo tour our talent search for the 2016 publication is coming to a close. We believe in our artists and work extremely hard to provide them with the best advice and biggest opportunities to get their artwork from studio to SOLD!

We know why we’re excited, but hear it from our artists as to why they can’t wait!

BRIAN TRUONO - photography


"As an emerging artist, Blink is a valuable opportunity to promote my craft to a larger audience and expand my horizons. I'm excited to be working with the talented Blink Art Resource team in 2016!"

JEANNINE DOSTAL - mixed media abstract


“I am thrilled to be in the 2016 edition and now also have the opportunity to exhibit at international art shows like SPECTRUM Miami and Artexpo New York. My artwork is receiving critical exposure and I’m making great connections for new commissions. Invest in yourself with Blink and with a team that believes in your work; they make a world full of possibilities into realities."


KEVIN CARON - sculpture


"I've just signed up with the Blink Art Resource team, and I'm already seeing results: they got one of my sculptures into a prestigious show and have sold a piece. It makes sense - everyone at Blink is bright, dedicated, polished and hard-working. I'm really impressed, and looking forward to partnering with Blink in 2016. They are the team I've been looking for!"

LINDA LEVITON - installation 


“I’m excited to partner with Blink again in the 2016 catalog. I know Blink has done its research and is sending my work to top-quality interior designers and art consultants in the country who are actively looking for artwork like mine for their projects!”



“As the first Functional Artist for Blink Art Resource, I am thrilled to be a part of this elite, hand-selected group of art professionals. I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind works of art that offer the visual beauty, level of quality, and precision craftsmanship that Blink is uniquely known for and that top art consultants and design professionals expect from Blink.”



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