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2016 Pantone Play

Posted on 24 January 2016

What designers, from interior and fashion to graphic and architectural, look forward to most every year is the Pantone color release. Last year we marveled at Marsala and crooned over Radiant Orchid in 2014 and now we’re blushing over Rose Quartz and Serenity. As art consultants we often play the role of color consultants and discuss how the color of an artwork can change the mood and overall feeling of the room.

Pastel is one of the most shied away from colors when working with clients, because they just don’t know what to do with it.  But we couldn’t be more excited for the 2016 Pantone colors because the slightly deeper take on these pastels make for a refined play on some favorites!


Last year’s design trends involved playing up pastel shades with bright colors, such as vivid, neon hues.  But this year metallic elements are the favored trend to pair with the soft colors.


2016 Pantone I Artwork for Sale


Can’t quite bring yourself to pull the trigger on all out pastel? Pick an artwork incorporating either Rose Quartz or Serenity as the main color and bring in the other color with accents such as flowers, throw pillows, or rugs. Rajvi Dedhia Unadkat’s uses the soft blues and gold to mix modern elegance with an earthy charm. The pink peonies offer the perfect color pop to enhance the work.



2016 PANTONE I Artwork for sale


The blue tone Serenity has hints of purple that radiates a subtle warmth, so use grays that have more red in them to compliment this cooler color. This keeps the room sophisticated and refreshed. Daniel Sroka’s photograph is swirling with creamy whites, grays and blues, which creates a natural balance.


2016 Pantone Color I Decorating tips

To really heighten pastels, they are often paired with a nice bright white, but if you’re using more than two pastels in an artwork be sure to mute the design of the room with a cream base. Henry Domke’s photograph is vibrant with pastels bouncing across the image. The soft cream decor let’s the photograph be the main focal point of the room while still allowing room for texture play.


2016 Pantone Colors I Decorating tips

The neutral base in Karen Hale’s work gives the opportunity for color to come down off the walls an into larger accent pieces such as the chairs and lamps.


2016 PANTONE I Decorating tips

The pastel Pantones aren’t just for the clean edge modernistas, but also finds a place in boho chic circles. Dianne Poinski’s photograph amplifies the textures and colors in the sofa to create a cohesive design.


Monochromatic saturation creates a bold statement. The result resounds of confidence, while keeping the design crisp and modern. Pantone fans will go all the way and cover everything in the room from art, paint, and furniture in dreamy pinks and blues.


2016 pantone colors I decorating tips

Texture is a key factor for this room, when bathing a room in a solid color there is more opportunity to play with different materials and finishes. Deidre Dyson’s fairy tale landscape is highly texturized and lends a much needed focal break to the smooth wall.


2016 pantone colors I decorating tips I artwork for sale

The white creates a high-contrast angle which gives shape and definition to the room. Find artwork that mimics the shapes created throughout the room like we did with Elizabeth Holmes’ artwork.

What are your Pantone plans for 2016?


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