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Art experts endorse Blink

Posted on 17 September 2014


Now that we have told you what the artists have to say…This week, I wanted to give you an inside look at why these art professionals are excited to get their complimentary copy of Blink Art Resource Guide! And don’t forget, less than 2 weeks left to register for Blink. So don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be seen by these and many more art experts across the nation looking to sell your work!


“As an established interior designer, I need ingenious ideas for my commercial and residential projects. My clients want me to help them select everything from furniture to wall colors, carpet – and of course art, so I’m always looking to provide a great experience for them. With a comprehensive art resource guide like Blink, I can give them a variety of choices by taking the book with me on appointments and also using its website as I’m preparing my presentations.Blink allows me to find great artists and create beautiful environments easily and efficiently.I’m very excited to receive my first copy in January!”

-Amy Schuermann President, Amy Schuermann Interiors, LLC


“Now, more than ever, it’s critical for an artist to take charge of their destiny. The days are over where an artist (even the most talented) can just sit back and expect people to come to them. Having actively promoted and elevated artist’s careers the majority of my life, I see Blink as a new, critical and much needed avenue for every artist wanting to get themselves seen, and to achieve a much higher level of success. I can absolutely say that I will use this art resource guide myself to find new artists and will recommend it to all the galleries, art consultants and interior designers that I know. Why wouldn’t they use it…it’s beautiful!”

-Eric Smith CEO, Art Expo New York


“Galleries like ours will actively use Blink as a reference when we are seeking the best artwork for specific projects and inventory. The artwork we specify for our corporate, hospitality and residential projects must be perfectly suited for the space and client requirements. I know we can rely on Blink to find the artists whose works of art would best suit our client needs. We have commissioned and bought thousands of works of art for our clients and intend on using Blink to discover new artists to add to our portfolio. If Blink artists match our needs, they will hear from us!”

-Roy Saper Owner, Sapers Galleries


“My clients don’t want what everyone else has. Every project we work on has to be unique and special. As a high-end gallery on the prestigious 5th Avenue in Naples Florida, we work on large scale residential and corporate projects every day. Blink will give us the opportunity to find artists that we wouldn’t normally know about. My staff and I are very excited about this catalog and will use to right away and for years to come. Thank you to everyone at BLINK for all your effort in creating such an important and needed art resource guide. Your dedication to our success, along with your support of artists nationally is very much appreciated. “

-Mary Lou Chronister Owner, Gallery One


“APG has been in business since 1969 representing a variety of office furniture manufacturers, and is one of the largest Herman Miller Certified Network dealers with offices in Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, Akron and Memphis. We provide space planning design, project management and offer our commercial clients everything they need to look good. That’s were Blink comes in. We’re excited to have this catalogue available so we can provide and recommend exciting art solutions to complete the overall project. Adding art personalizes the spaces we’ve designed and makes our clients very happy!”

-David Blount Sales, APG Office Furnishings


Blink Art Resource Guide is looking to fill some spots in our Ceramics, Mosaics, Metal,Fiber and Glass sections. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Learn more about Blink Art Resource Guide at or call us at 513.723.1222. The deadline for artists to register is September 30!

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