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Artwork for the Dining Room

Posted on 15 November 2018

Get the conversation going with art

With Thanksgiving a week away, the holiday season is officially upon us and that means getting ready for seasonal décor, delicious food, and gatherings of loved ones.

When you're getting ready to entertain family and guests nothing sets the scene better than a vibrant artwork. The warmth and energy of a piece of art immediately forms a cheering and engaging environment for you and yours to enjoy, and to create another year of memories.

Having family and friends over for Thanksgiving dinner is a great excuse to redecorate and show off your space. Why not spruce up the dining room with new artwork?


What type of artwork to place in a dining room?

Rows of chairs and layered place settings create a motif of repetition in the dining room, and artwork is the perfect addition to give the room personality and flair. Placing artwork in the dining room is going to be your personal preference in terms of style and color palette, but we're here to let you know how to go about it like a pro!


Geometric Art

A huge trend right now is boldly colored graphic wallpaper. But we get it. It can be a huge design decision that you’re not ready to commit to in your dining room.  However, artwork with a geometric pattern or high contrasting lines is a great alternative. You get the same design impact with a meaningful, original work of art.

original abstract artwork by jennifer schwartz for sale on blink art

Cross Currents Subjective: Ice Cream Drip, 46 x 56 inch, oil on primed linen 

by Jennifer Schwartz

Sunrise, 30 x 40 inch, origami folded paper butterflies

Composition #3, 18 x 12 inch, acrylic on flat panel

by Alan O'Neal




Gallery Wall

If you happen to have a large collection of art, a gallery wall is a perfect solution in a dining room. You can mix and match various sizes of art, frame colors and finishes, and even throw in some unusual objects to create a fun gallery wall that displays it all. The spacing and execution of gallery walls can sometimes be tricky, so make sure you plan the whole thing out before you grab your hammer and nails.

Designed by Michelle Gage; Photographed by Kyle Born.

"I always gravitate towards artwork in non-traditional frames. If it’s an irregular shape, I’m into it. Tall and narrow pieces mix well and provide some interest among the standard-sized frames. Round frames keep everything from looking too rigid." – Interior Designer Michelle Gage, from “How to Curate the Ultimate Gallery Wall”


Adding Warmth with Wood

It’s a challenge to warm up an open dining space or bring character to a plain room. Reclaimed and refined wood accents are on-trend right now and can add dimension and texture to a space. For a plain dining room, a wooden sculpture adds a much-needed architectural element.

Lover Dancer, 60 x 44 inch, white quartz, Mahoni wood, brass base


Espiral, 36 x 96 x 6 inch, Baltic birch, and Bubinga woods


If your dining room is large and could use some warmth, an abstract wood sculpture with texture and loose, organic shapes like Dorit Schwartz's or Kerry Vesper's is a great way to contrast the linear atmosphere created by tables, chairs, and lighting fixtures!


Style with Red Décor

It was all over the runway at New York Fashion Week, and just as Pantone predicted we were all seeing red. “The past few years we have seen designers and homeowners gravitate towards cooler colors such as blues and greens, so we are excited that warmer tones are going to be in for the new year. Tonal reds are a great way to add complimenting contrast while providing the warmth that makes your home more inviting.” – Décor Mag, home design trends 2019

Red is most often associated with love and Valentine's Day, but it's also energizing. Did you know red stimulates appetites and increases food cravings? So what better place to put this color psychology to the test than in the dining room? It excites emotions and encourages conversation, which is perfect when bringing diverse groups of family and friends together over the holidays. Too much red can cause irritation, so cool down with subtle blocks of pink and offset the bold color with playful patterns and fun shapes.

original artwork by candance primack

Memories of Mexico, 36 x 36 inch, Mixed Media


original photography by James McCormick

Red 2, 16 x 36 (or available in custom size), Plate glass, oil and acrylic prints by James McCormick


original artwork by Paula

Abbondandza, custom sizes available, photography - limited edition



Add Natural Elements

If abstract artworks aren't your preference, florals or landscapes are a gorgeous addition to any room and there are so many choices for any time of the year!


original artwork by Amy Hillenbrand

Protect Thine Heart, 30 x 30 inch, oil on cradled hardboard 


original artwork by Anne Hanley

Columbine with Blue Circle, giclee (custom sizes on paper or canvas)



original photography by Diane Poinski

Ginkgo II, 36 x 24 inch, photography 


original photography by John Weller
Winter Reed, custom sizes available, photography


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