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Big Art, Big Impact

Posted on 24 January 2016

We love oversized artwork because it can impact a room in a BIG way! Often times smaller works are hard to admire from a distance and can lose their ‘wow’ factor next to other items in the room. But dare to be bold and go big with art keeping these tips in mind!


Paloa D'angelico

“Things Are Looking Up” by Paola D’Angelico.



Oversized artwork doesn’t always have to be one single mass. Use artwork that consists of various panels to help break up an expansive wall and fill up the space.


“Archilochus View” by Helene Steene


Helene Steene’s works are the perfect backdrop to keep the dimensional lines of the room while adding a powerful burst of color.



There’s big, and then there’s huge. Rooms that are large risk the chance of feeling cold or uncomfortable. This is why design elements are put into place like paint, furniture, architectural details, and BIG art and are what turn the bare bones of a room into an inviting and conversation igniting space.

Oversized artwork will always be the focal point of any room due to it’s sheer volume, so be sure to keep the remaining decor simple and use accent colors pulled from the artwork sparingly, or inadvertently. Take a look at these two below!


Blink Art Resource I Selling Artists work

“Rio Frio Landmark Oak I” by Jill Lear. This room incorporates a large stunning work by Jill Lear. Since the piece has minimal color you can play up the colors in the furniture.


Oversized artwork

“Day Lily Metamorphosis” by Shepard Hildebrandt.


Bold and bright, this work by Shepard Hildebrandt is a knockout and would quickly outshine any additional decor or color scheme, so it’s best to use black and whites and earthy woods to finish the space.


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