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Posted on 15 May 2014

I always feel so motivated as spring slides into summer; I get a surge of determination that drives me to accomplish more. This is such a great feeling. So much so, I want to also urge you to accomplish more this summer, by chasing dreams & achieving the goals you've been meaning to for so long.

The Blink Art Resource catalog is an amazing outlet for fine artists to pursue their dreams and make their goals happen. And I want to inspire artists to go for it by showcasing five spectacular artists that have already signed on to accomplish more (and sell more!) this year by registering for Blink.

Meet Dawn | Raku Ceramics

Dawn Renee is a contemporary Raku ceramic artist. Originally from Chicago, she has been working from her studio in Tucson, Arizona for the past twenty years. Her works combines unique Raku surface & glaze techniques with dimensional textures and forms.

"My grandfather was a carpenter and his passion was repairing antique clocks.  Much of my childhood was spent by his side watching him work on the clocks in his large basement workshop.  The ceiling was a sea of Mason jars with the lids nailed into the beams; the natural light shining through the high basement windows glint off the glass and the metal parts they contained, and to me, it looked like a wonderful, ever changing sculpture.

My raku ceramic sculpture is created from many pieces and each has a relationship to the other in order to complete the whole.  Raku can be broken down into it’s own components; the elements, earth, fire, water, and air and each are considered for their function, like the parts of the clock, they must work together.  In working with bare surface techniques combined with Raku, I attempt to achieve an atmospheric quality, which is a balance of the reflection and absorption of light."

Meet Kerri | Oil Paintings & Illustration

Kerri Weller is a contemporary botanical artist and art teacher, specializing in realistic, classical paintings of the plant world.

"My late father's garden of perennial beds, vegetable plots, fruit trees, berry bushes and a hedgerow for the birds influenced my indulgence in an art form that celebrates the beauty and diversity of the plant world. Helping in the garden as a youngster instilled a passion for all things botanical!"

Kerri's paintings bring together the disciplines of art and science to create precise and graceful plant portraits. Her style is characterized by classical techniques in oil, watercolour and pencil, a strong design aesthetic, scientific accuracy and attention to detail. The garden harvest is often the inspiration for her still life paintings. Trained as a graphic designer and medical illustrator, Kerri is equally at home painting for commercial and fine art markets.

Meet Talley | Suspended Atrium Sculptures

Pennsylvania artist Talley Fisher specializes in suspended sculpture for public, corporate, and private spaces. Rob Fisher Sculpture, LLC is the company that Sculptor Rob Fisher formed in the 1990's. In the six years after his sudden death in September, 2006, his daughter, Talley Fisher, completed his outstanding works.

She continues the tradition by creating her own suspended sculptures, mobiles, and wall 'tapestries' for atriums and lobbies in airports, medical centers, hotels, office/residential buildings, banks and private residences in the United States, Hong Kong, Macau, China, and the United Arab Emirates.

Talley comes to the art world through her longtime work with her father and her deep interest in science and the natural world. Her sculpture often suggests themes from nature, such as birds in flight, soaring clouds, or flowing rivers, floating leaves, and stars. Then again, her imagery can be industrial and futuristic, revealing her scientific interests. In a number of sculptures, she has depicted streaming data, musical notes, railroad tracks, engine steam, and even the power of energy rising and transforming in shape.

Meet Elizabeth | Fine Art Photography

Elizabeth Holmes is a fine art photographer who specializes in hand painted, gelatin-silver photographs of vanishing landscapes.  Born in Brooklyn, New York, Elizabeth now divides her time between New York City and Long Island’s East End where she enjoys photographing vanishing landscapes.

"When I take photographs, I am totally in the moment – 100% immersed in what I am doing, with no care, worry or thought about anything else in my life.

I am interested in all sorts of landscapes – vanishing and forgotten landscapes, natural and man-made landscapes. I love to show what man has created and how it co-exists with nature. It’s as thrilling for me to photograph a wild and scary ride at Coney Island, as it is to capture the tranquil mountains of an old mining town that has since become a Ghost Town.

Being a photographer combines my love of history, culture and nature. I often add hand-painted color to my pictures to give them a dream-like quality. This perfectly complements the process of taking pictures for me: when I am behind my camera, I feel as if I am dreaming with my eyes wide open."

Meet Lea | Glass Lighting & Sculpture Installations

 "As a teenager, a bone tumor in my spine taught me the lesson that life is too short not to pursue what you love. I have worked with various art forms my whole life but, when I started working with hot glass, I was hooked."

Glass artist, Lea de Wit, creates large-scale sculptural installations, custom lighting,and vessels that delight and inspire. Lea has studied at Scuola del Vetro, Abate Zanetti, in Murano, Italy, as well as Pilchuck Glass School in Washington, Red Deer College in Canada, Corning Museum of Glass in New York, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine, and at the Eugene GlassSchool in Oregon.

"Working with a medium that can be molten in one state and breakable in another state is an adventure. The fine line between pliable and fragile makes glass that much more challenging and intriguing. It allows for an endless number of options to sculpt and transform the molten material."

 Your Turn

Do you want to be featured alongside these (and many more) talented fine artists? Do you want to make your work available to 10,000 design professionals and over 50,000 art specifiers looking to source artwork? Then act! Learn more about the Blink Art Resource catalog at or call us at 513.723.1222. The deadline for artists to register is September 30!

"If you do nothing, nothing will happen."


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