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Posted on 08 January 2018

Artists, it’s not too late to sell more art in 2018

Artists, if you been thinking about signing up for the Blink Art Resource print publication now is your chance! We've extended the registration deadline to Friday, February 23rd!

The Blink Art Resource catalog is a successful way for our artists to connect with new clients. Building future partnerships is key to creating a lasting art career. Hear from our artists how their careers have changed since joining our family of artists.



Hear from our artists why Blink Art Resource has been a pivotal tool in growing their art careers!

image of artwork in the office; office art

"I am very satisfied with the sales and responses received through Blink Art Resource in my first year! Not only have I had had tree art sales with interior designers (and all for larger works) but also existing clients and galleries I am already receiving comments on how their clients love to look at my work in there too! I fully anticipate more success stories with Blink Art Resource soon!"

- David Mayhew, Blink Artist since '16, Photographer

"I went three years without a single sale and since the Blink art Resource catalog came out, traffic on my website is up and I have sold over eight works!"
- Tom Owen, Blink Artist since '14, Mixed Media

Bette Ridgeway I Blink Art Resource I Design Spotlight small

"For years, my work was in The Guild Sourcebook, which is no longer distributed. Now through the remarkable opportunities offered by Art Design Consultants and Blink Art Resource, my art is exposed to the right markets and it is selling! My body of work is a unique expression of my journey and it strengthens me to be sharing my art with the top designers and clients around the nation."

- Bette Ridgeway, Blink Artist since '14, Painter

"I'm so happy to be part of Blink Art Resource! They are amazing people to work with! I sold paintings and I'm now represented by a gallery in Florida because of Blink Art Resource. I believe it's a great investment for artists. I strongly recommend it!"
- Marti Leroux, Blink Artist since '14, Painter

images by renato commission (14 of 15)

"I've had two large commissions thus far with Blink Art Resource and other great connections and sales! I've commissioned a work for a prominent hotel in Boca Raton and the other is a new client from New York. As we all know, making and selling art is never easy, one has to be patient and keep plugging away.  Blink Art Resource gets my art out to many designers and art consultants!"

- Renato Foti, Blink Artist since '14, Glass Sculptor

Le De Wit Blink Art Resource

"Blink Art Resource raised the caliber of who was seeing my work! In the first year, I generated revenue from commissions that were 20x my initial investment!"

- Lea de Wit, Blink Artist since '14, Glass Sculptor


"I am very thankful for Blink Art Resource. Now that I've established connections with art buyers, their clients are familiar with my work also! This expands my reach for commissions further than I ever thought!"

- Carla Goldberg, Blink Artist since '14, Mixed Media Artist


Art Design Consultants I Art For Corporate

"Blink Art Resource has created a platform to showcase my work to an incredible breadth of people I could have never reached by myself. The recognition of my art has been extremely encouraging, and the exposure has opened new opportunities for me as an artist. My first large commission from Blink came right after the publication was distributed in April, and I had the honor of working with ADC on the prestigious GE Aviation project to outfit the executive suites and the CEO’s office. I can’t wait to see where my photography ends up next!"

- Brian Goodman, Blink Artist Since '14, Photographer


"My involvement with Blink Art Resource led to a collaboration with Art Design Consultants to create a large sculpture for the new Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. It has been extremely exciting for us to feature an installation in such an optimistic and healing atmosphere and to see a sculpture shared with the community. And now, with Blink Art Resource providing critical connections, there are unlimited possibilities."

- Shelley Parriott, Blink Artist since '14, Sculptor

The print publication places your artwork at the fingertips of over 10,000 art buyers. Blink Art Resource also has an incredible online presence equipped with an online catalog and online artist portfolios. Not only is this a great way to sell your art in new markets, but we’ve added new perks that will advance your art career even further!


If you have more questions about being a Blink Art artist, please feel free to connect with Skylar our project manager at 513-723-1222 or email him at


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