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Posted on 12 June 2014

With the hugely successful Art Comes Alive 2014 ceremony just passed, I am extremely inspired. The wonderful artists that took part in the competition are truly talented individuals and it is with them that ACA is not only made possible and but also made to be the success that it is.

In order to keep those creative juices flowing and to spread some of my inspiration to you, I’ve decided to share with you another sneak peak at our Blink Art Resource catalog. As many of you may know, Blink provides the necessary outlet for artists and designers to connect. But beyond this, my hope is for Blink to motivate artists to continue their passion of creating art by bolstering their success and motivating them to do what they love. Here is a look at some more artists that have signed on to Blink and some of their impressive works of art.

Meet Sabina | Paper Sculpture

Born in Iaşi Romania (1976), Sabina Păuţa Pieslak is a visual artist specializing in paper sculpture. The daughter of renowned Romanian composer and conductor Sabina Pautza and prominent singer/pianist Corina Păuţa, Sabina was exposed at an early age to the artistic world of Communist Romania, growing up in the classical concert halls of Romania.

“My medium is a color-coded card intended to be held or affixed to a wall for a short time until replaced with paint or thrown out.  Its purpose is to help bring color into our lives, but its own handling is short-lived.”

“In my works, I question whether transient, typically discarded objects like paint chips can be transformed into more permanent objects that enliven the spaces in which we live, work, and play…By using materials typically associated with painting but not art, I suggest a new perspective of what art is and how it can be made.”

Meet Lynn | Painting

Lynn Dunbar is an award-winning artist who, uniquely, works en plein air and specializes in oil painting. Her works range from landscapes and aerials to still lives as well.

“Plein air painting allows me to be amidst all this natural beauty, breathing the fresh air, hearing the birds sing, and feeling the sun, breeze (and sometimes rain) against my skin while attempting to paint a ‘masterpiece.’”

“Adventurous and a tad off kilter, sorta like my paintings, is one way to describe me.  Color and composition fill my paintings, as exemplified by the artists I admire; William Wendt, Edgar Payne and Sergei Bongart.”

Meet Barry | Glass

For more than thirty years, sculptor Barry Entner has been expanding the boundaries of glass, art and light in the pursuit of his unique vision. His innovative design process result in the elegant and vital movements inherent in his dynamic forms and vibrant works of art.

Barry Entner’s works are masterpieces requiring tremendous strength and technique. Working in a traditional and non-traditional manner, his works are rapidly formed with dynamic energy.

Each piece is injected with vitality from this direct, immediate expression. These are pieces that beg to be approached from different viewpoints for they are all about movement in space. The massive hand-blown glass sculptures are executed with a painterly approach to line, form and color.

Meet Phyllis | Painting

Phyllis Jaffe’s style developed through a series of transformations from textile wall hangings to decorative symbolic images to landscape, drawings and paintings. She has received recognition and awards in the mid-west and east coast. Art remains her primary interest, where she continues painting, concentrating on developing her Impressionist style, and writing.

“The abstract patterns that exist in nature where everything is reduced to mass, shape, color, pattern and texture become universal and symbolic. Those early experiences influence and reflect in my artwork today.”

“The Maryland Eastern Shore produces its own seasonal color palette, but the effect is equally exciting. My first visit to the Assateague Seashore Dunes spawned an instant love affair; the unique characteristics of these dunes and marshes express a new reality.”

Meet Craig | Sculpture

Craig Robb is a sculptural artist that uses his passion for art in an effort to make people happy. Robinson strives to create art that inspires individuals to think outside the box, or to at least give them something that they enjoy being around.

“I have been working on two series of work that are as different as they are similar. One series was once labeled as metaphorical vistas, a description that I have always liked.   Within these sculptures I include houses, chairs, and other objects that, with their inherent symbolism, develop metaphors about issues that are important to me.”

“The combination of wood and curved steel are utilized as both compositional elements and to create spaces for these objects to reside. I have always been interested in how objects function within a given space, how they occupy it and the relationships created with the other objects in that space.”

Meet Rae | Mixed Media

Rae Broyles is a mixed media artist that studied at the Rhode Island School of Design.

“Color, texture, tactile adventures move me. I must freely discover new images, diabolical and vexing techniques and ways of presenting beauty while I fall away from this world and into a realm of physical and mental reverie.”

“True artistry is a constant progression.”

Want In?

Do you want to be featured alongside these (and many more) talented fine artists? Do you want to make your work available to 10,000 of the nation’s highest earning design professionals and over 50,000 art specifiers looking to source artwork? Then act! Learn more about the Blink Art Resource catalog at or call us at 513.723.1222.


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