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Decorating with Fabulous Florals

Posted on 24 March 2016

Spring is here! And to usher in this bud-bearing season, we’re celebrating with some glorious garden-inspired artworks. Florals can really go anywhere – bed, bath, kitchen, living room? Whether it’s a detailed botanical of a single stemmed gem or an exuberant bouquet abstracted with streaks of color, floral artwork brings the garden inside for you to enjoy blossoming beauties year-round.

Work with the same color intensity

These aren’t your grandmother’s florals. Pairing floral patterns in fabrics, rugs, wallpapers, and artwork is a fun way to freshen up the more traditional approach to this design. Mixing patterns creates energy, but to keep the harmony pair the floral artwork with a matching accent color that’s used throughout the room.


Danielle Caron I Blink Art Resource

Danielle Caron I Blink Art Resource

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Jody Florman I Blink Art Resource

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Consider Texture

 There’s more to floral artwork than its color.  Consider the artwork’s texture and compositional lines.  Artwork that uses thick layers of paint would pair best with simple fabrics like muslin or cotton. Also consider keeping the largest surface a solid color or very small pattern like a gingham.  Their clean look compliments the energy of the thick, quick brush strokes of the art. If you’re nervous about going all out with florals pull the main color of the artwork and use throughout the room as an accent color, like on pillows or table accessories.

Karen Rolfes I Blink Art Resource

Karen Rolfes I Blink Art Resource

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Sky Hoyt I Blink Art Resource I Decorate wtih Florals

Flowers Aren’t Just for Girls

The misconception with using floral patterns is that it’s too feminine to consider for more gender neutral designs.  Keep the flouncy table and bed skirts at bay and use bold and graphic lines to immediately help masculinize any room.


Anita Marci I Blink Art Resource

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Artwork can make a bold statement in any space. Mixing floral artwork with fabrics and patterns is easy and will create a stunning design as long as you keep these tips in mind.


Photograph, oil on canvas, acrylic on board, or fine art print?

Find the perfect floral work for your project!



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