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How do trade buyers use Blink Art Resource?

Posted on 25 January 2018

ADC’s art sourcing catalog Blink Art Resource has a readership of 50,000 trade buyers nationwide. Artists often ask what is a trade buyer anyway and why should they care it’s not important to their career. But this couldn’t be further off the mark.  

A trade buyer is someone who purchases artwork for a living like interior designers, art gallery owners, art consultants, and architects. So, you definitely want to expand your clientele vocabulary to include them.

Cultivating relationships with trade buyers is critical to the success of your developing career as an artist, especially an emerging artist.  Rather than one-off clients trade buyers often have repeating customers that continuously come back to them because of their design sense and experience. They not only have small residential projects that need artwork but large-scale corporate, healthcare and hospitality projects that need artwork.


How a Trade Buyer uses Blink Art Resource


1. They score an awesome design project that needs their expertise


The trade buyers who receive Blink Art Resource have inside access to killer projects and it requires pulling various design pieces together like fabrics, furnishings, and artwork under a tight deadline.

Our trade buyers work in a diverse design industry and need artwork for corporate, healthcare, commercial, hospitality and residential clients.


2. They need artwork for their project and turn to Blink Art Resource


Finding professional and qualified artists for a project can be tedious with the overwhelming number of artists on the internet.  That’s why Blink Art Resource has become a trusted art sourcing guide to trade buyers. The catalog contains 200 Blink Art artists, that have been vetted and approved by our staff of experienced art consultants, in a variety of categories from sculpture, installation art (public art), painting, mixed media, to photography.

The great thing about Blink Art Resource is it’s a high-end catalog that designers and art buyers place in their reference library and is used year-after-year. Many Blink Art artists who took an advertisement page out in 2016 are still getting calls today and landing huge commissions like Riis Burwell.


3. They find the perfect group of artists for their proposal


After looking through the Blink Art Resource art sourcebook trade buyers select multiple artists to pitch in their proposal to the client. If you’re not hearing from trade buyers it doesn’t mean your art isn’t being considered for projects. They will often select images that represent your artwork stylistically to show clients before reaching out to you. Often it takes multiple rounds of proposals for the client to settle on the final design and artwork selection.


4. They locate the artist's contact information at the top of the artist page and contact the artist directly

an image of an art buyer contacting a Blink Art artist from the Blink Art Resource sourcebook


Once a client makes the final decision on artwork type that’s when the trade buyer gets to work finding out what’s available. This is where Blink Art Resource makes the art selection process so efficient.

We list the artist’s name, website and email address at the top of the page, so trade buyers can easily contact artists to inquire about available works and commissions. We also list additional contact information in the artist index at the back of the book like your city, state, and region in case trade buyers are looking to pull local area artists in for a project.


5. They buy artwork directly from the artist or commission a piece and the artist gets to keep 100% of the commission. 


Since the trade buyer used Blink Art Resource and is working with you, the artist, directly, you get to keep 100% of the sale. Not only do you get to make more money as an artist, but you also are establishing professional relationships with industry professionals who buy art for a living.


Don't miss your chance to get the attention your artwork deserves and sell more art in 2018!

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