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How to Decorate with Metal Art

Posted on 17 August 2017

Metal is a medium that we just can’t get enough of in interior design. Why do we love metal artwork so much? The versatility of metal artwork is seemingly limitless. Whether it’s a bronze cast sculpture or a photograph printed on metal, we love the material down to the glinting metallic leaf in paintings. A decade ago, corporate was king in utilizing metal artwork throughout décor, but we’re seeing a shift in this trend popping up in residential interior design. And for good reasons too, metal and metallic artwork, 2D or sculptural, brings a dynamic dimension and texture to your home décor. 


Not Your Momma's Still Life

More work by Lisa Schuster

When most folks think of paintings, they envision a picturesque two-dimensional canvas, possibly with a large, ornate frame abutting its edges. But it's 2017 and artists such as Lisa Schuster have changed the game, preferring to put brush to metal instead. While capturing the elegance and charm of traditional still lifes, Schuster's abstracted florals on aluminum bring a new dimension and vitality to modern décor. 


Photography on Metal

Noel de Christian Photography on Metal

More work by Noël de Christián

Metallic substrates are unique in their ability to reflect light, for an intensity of color and intricacy of details not found in other media. This makes it the perfect material for photographic prints, providing amazing depth and a glistening finish to enliven a space.

Design Tip: Be sure to handle artwork on metal with gloves.  Oil from finger tips can create smudges and the oil can also start to deteriorate the paint or ink. 


Effortless Beauty

More work by Scott Harris

Works on metal provide a durable, yet lightweight option for your walls. And since they're easy to clean, the metallic media is a great, low-maintenance option for family-friendly design

Design Tip: A dry, soft cloth and a light dusting are all you need to clean your metal beauty. 


Custom Creations

More work by Ken Rausch

This unconventional media is also pretty versatile and can often be displayed indoors or outdoors, depending on the finish (if the metal is painted, look for a UV finish before placing outdoors or in direct sunlight). Also, check with your metal artist for custom options, such as metal type (aluminum, copper, stainless, bronze, etc.), color options, etching patterns, or finishes to create an exclusive piece just for you!



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  • Mary Westheimer: August 18, 2017

    What a wonderful concept for a blog post! Thanks for helping me look at things in a different way …

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