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Let's Talk Business: Establishing Your Brand With Blink

Posted on 03 November 2015

The internet is a powerful tool – it allows you to communicate and share your art with thousands and with no more effort than if you were sitting down and having a meeting over coffee.

Every day thousands of designers and art consultants are scouring the internet for art that will make their project stand out, but lose interest or doubt an artist’s professionalism due to an outdated or hard to navigate website.


Design sourcing art from blink



You wouldn’t show up to a business meeting wearing a shirt that’s twenty years old with stains and splatters on it. No, you’re going to be dressed in your best and in something that’s comfortable and reflects your style. It’s just as important to create an identifiable brand for your business. Establishing an image for yourself is easier than you think, since many artists are already working with a specific artistic style and color palette.


Shine online color wheel

The easiest way to really pack a punch virtually is having a functional and up-to-date website that’s easy to navigate and find available works. The colors, fonts, photos, and language should be consistent and reflect your work’s personality and your brand.



The two most important things to include on your website, beside your art of course, are professional photos and contact information. This is critical to increase sales out of your studio. Using professional, high-quality photos of yourself and your artwork are critical to projecting a great image and a brand.

Visitors come to your website to see your art, but they also want to know more about you and how to reach you. Make sure to include a contact section on your website that’s easy to locate and include your email address, phone number and links to social media pages.


shine online website-l

Don’t lose a sale because they can’t find your art or you!



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Litsa Spanos, President of ADC, Art Design Consultants is an established art consultant, award winning gallery owner/dealer and was recently named “Woman Owned Business of the Year.”  She has been a guest speaker at numerous art show and writes for Art Business News, Art World News and Décor Magazines.

She is the founder of ACA, Art Comes Alive and Publisher of Blink Art Resource Guide, an annual  high-end publication that promotes artists nationally. Each week Litsa shares her insightful tips on navigating the art world and successful business strategies in the weekly series Let’s Talk Business.


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