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Let's Talk Business: Art in Social Media

Posted on 10 November 2015

Is Facebook dead? No Way? With more than 1.4 billion users active daily worldwide, it’s clear Facebook is still a relevant social media platform.

First things first.  Establish a public Facebook page for your art. This is separate from your personal profile.  This may seem unnecessary and feel like more work, but it’s worth it.  Last week we talked how your art is your business and it should have an identifiable brand. Same rule applies, but here are some simple things you can do to make Facebook work for your business.



The reason people follow businesses on Facebook is because they are looking for content related to that page posted on consistent and expected intervals. Since your followers know what to expect from you this actually helps your posts stand out. Make it habit to post on a regular basis. Pick a time of day that you know you’ll be free and posts every day, or if you’re in and out of the studio you can schedule posts in advance.

facebook example 4


And if someone posts a comment be sure to respond ASAP! Facebook can be a great point of contact for new and returning customers.


Posting on social media doesn’t have to be as cut and dry as promoting the availability of work.  You’re an artist so get creative and show your personality by mixing up studio shots, artwork postings and videos. Be sure to tell stories about your work whether it’s the process that goes into creating it or the original inspiration about the pieces. This helps encourage engagement, sharing and sales! Nothing resonates more with buyers than sentimentality and their own connectivity to the work.


video fb


Videos are a great way to to engage and get conversation going on your page amongst your fans and followers. But be sure to keep videos short and no longer than two minutes!

Another way way to encourage  traffic to your page is take pictures from events and tag your friends and patrons! So at the next art opening you have your camera ready.


As an artist you would rather be in the studio than marketing and creating content for social media, we know but trust us it’s important. Don’t waste time on posts that don’t get engagement. Facebook has a great tracking system for business pages. Use Facebook Insights as a metric to gauge which posts receive the most reach, likes, and shares, and which posts are duds. You can also use Insights to track page likes and understand exactly who your most active audience is and whether they are male or female and what age group they fall into.

Use these basic tips to get your art noticed and see instant success when posting on Facebook. Instead of guessing, you'll know if it was a certain trending topic that got your post noticed or if there's a specific time of day your audience is on Facebook.



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