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Let's Talk Business: Art Through Email

Posted on 17 November 2015

Let’s face it, we’re all visual people, so why spend hours writing and designing, and then re-writing and re-designing lengthy newsletters and e-blasts when your subscribers most likely won’t read the entire email? Who has time for that?

The emails with the most impact are usually around 150 words with a call to action as the final sentence. This brevity allows the reader to grasp content quickly and want to respond or act immediately!

Here are some tips to crafting the perfect e-blast:

DO: Make it easy for customers to sign up for your newsletters or e-blasts on your website. Be sure to capture their first and last names when they subscribe.  You can include this in your greeting, which will personalize the email.

DON’T: Ask for too much information, like requiring their address and phone number unless your business is specifically sending out brochures or booklets, and your subscribers understand what they’re signing up for.

sign up

DO: Grab their attention with an intriguing or personal subject line (30 characters or less).

DON’T: Overdo the subject with exclamation marks and all caps. Email servers are programmed to recognize this as spam and will automatically filter your well-thought out email into the trash folder.

DO: Open with a friendly greeting and use a personal tone throughout the newsletter. Since subscribers understand that the e-blast is coming from you (or your art business), they’re expecting your “voice” when reading the message. Reading the email aloud to yourself will help you decide whether it has an impact or not.

DON’T: Open with soliciting language, asking subscribers to buy your work.  People who subscribe to your site are looking for regular updates about your work and a hard, upfront ask will not only result in no sales but a handful of unsubscribes.

DO: Send emails when there is important information you want to communicate. It’s best to ask yourself specific questions like - What do I want this email to achieve? Is there a clear action step? Could information be confusing or misinterpreted the wrong way? Also be sure to set up a welcome email that automatically sends after customers subscribe. It’s important to engage them immediately after they sign up, whether it’s a hello and thank you, or a discount for your artwork.

DON’T: Send emails out every day. This seems obvious, but people are already inundated with promotional e-blasts. Daily posts about new work are better received on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

DO: Include visuals and links in your email. Your subscribers do want and expect to see your artwork and a way of getting to your website. We cannot stress enough the importance of good-quality, professional images and the impact this has on viewers of your work and your self! 

DON’T: Forget to include some copy. An email that is image heavy is more likely to be filtered as spam.

Here's an example of a blast that has a clear call to action, light but concise copy, and images that relate to the overall subject of the email.

call to action

DO: Review and edit your email at least twice before sending it out. Look over the content for any spelling, grammatical, or formatting errors. Mess ups like this can be interpreted as unprofessional.  Not a speller? If you’re using a design program be sure to copy and paste any wording into a program with spell check before finalizing the document.

DON’T: Think that your eyes are enough.  Have someone else review the e-blast before you hit send.



These may seem like simple, common tips, but competition to be noticed in the inbox is tough. We see so many talented artists, whose artwork packs a powerful punch, fall short when it comes to email marketing. You don’t have to pay for a team of expert marketers to have a successful email, just keep these tips in mind the next time you’re pulling together an email and you’ll be sure to have an increase in subscriber engagement.


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