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Let's Talk Business: The Art Market

Posted on 30 November 2015

Do you want to connect with the best art galleries, the most successful art consultants, or top-tier designers buying artwork for glamorous projects?


Our “Let’s Talk Business” series is all about treating your art as your brand, developing and practicing the fundamentals of business, and just following a few simple suggestions like these can get your artwork from studio to sold!


researching your art market

Understanding the market before you enter is key to being successful. Researching the art market and current trends helps to appropriately price out your artwork and know which galleries would be a good fit for your work. Research doesn’t have to be just you sitting in front of a computer Googling away! But take the time to schedule informational in-person or phone interviews with art consultants and gallery owners you admire. This is a great way to start a conversation and a relationship with them that doesn’t involve you asking them to show your work.




Getting your artwork out there means YOU getting out there so people can associate your artwork with a face! Attending events targeted toward the art industry are a no brainer, but think beyond the visual arts. Exhibition openings and art crawls are a great way to see what type of artwork galleries and art consultants show, but attending local and national interior design shows and conferences builds your knowledge of what designers and trade buyers are looking for and what’s selling.




Think like a business and set money aside specifically devoted for marketing and managing your brand. Our rule of thumb is set aside 10% of all sales to invest for promotional purposes. Now that you’ve done the research and understand your market your marketing budget will be well spent! Upgrade your website, get professional images of your work (be sure to keep a high-resolution image on file – you never know when your work will be published in an article), exhibit at national shows, and advertise in the best publications! A presentable, professional image is very attractive to designers and art consultants and it communicates that you are serious about your work and doing business.


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