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Meet the Artists: Art San Diego

Posted on 05 November 2015

There has been an incredible reception of the Blink Art Resource print publication since it's distribution in April by artists and interior designers alike! We're thrilled that  so many of our artists are able to make critical connections with designers and galleries in hot art markets that seemed unrealistic to break into.

But something that our artists were still looking for was a way to gain more exposure at physical locations. You talked and we listened! Our Blink team continues to work extremely hard to offer our artists the biggest and best opportunities out there. That’s why we’ve partnered with the internationally renowned Redwood Media Group and are showcasing Blink artists at Art San Diego, SPECTRUM Miami and Artexpo New York.

This week we've headed out west for Art San Diego that runs through November 5th - 8th. Join us at booth 109 and experience stunning art in our sprawling gallery setting.  Stop in, say “hello”, meet the incredible artists Blink represents, and pick up your complimentary copy of the 2015 Blink Art Resource guide. You’ll be inspired as you explore each and every page!


Water Wake by Mary Barr Rhodes I Blink Art Resource 

RAE BROYLES  Rae Broyles I Blink Art Resource I Art San Diego 

BLAIR MARTIN CAHILL Sphere 12 by Blair Cahill I Blink Art Resoruce  

RENEE DECARLO-JOHNSON Color Wheel Mini V3 by Renee DeCarlo Johnson I Blink Art Resource  

BETTIE GRACE MINER *New Blink Artist Oranges by Bettie Grace Miner I Blink Art Resource  

EVAN HILDEBRANDT *New Blink Artist Evan Hildebrant I Blink Art Resource  

MARY JOHNSTON Mary Johnston I Blink Art Resource  

MARY MCGILL *New Blink Artist Mary McGill I Blink Art Resource  

MICHAEL OLSHEFSKI *New Blink Artist Gravity by Michael Oleshfski I Blink Art Resource  

JOYCE POMMER Pathways by Joyce Palmer I Blink Art Resource 

 KEN RAUSCH Green Landscape by Ken Rausch I Blink Art Resource  

HELENE STEENE *New Blink Artist Paros Revisited by Helene Steene I Blink Art Resource  

PENNY TREESE Between the Sea VIII by Penny Treese I Blink Art Resource 

MARION WOODS *New Blink Artist Love Letters by Marion Wood I Blink Art Resource  


Internationally renowned shows SPECTRUM Miami and Artexpo New York bring together the biggest publishers, galleries, collectors and trade professionals totaling over 26,000 in attendance. Showcasing your work with Blink means your art is at the heart of the action and won’t be missed by buyers. All pre-show marketing, installation and selling are taken care of for you!

Contact Chelsea for more information on available walls and pricing at 317-501-7236 or Be sure to follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates of Blink at Art San Diego. CLICK HERE to see photos of the first day!


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