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Posted on 11 February 2016

Wow! Our print publication for 2016 is SOLD OUT! We have a killer collection of artists we can't wait to show our designers and art consultants. But don't worry, opportunities for Blink Art Resource online and exhibiting at art shows around the nation are still available for you to succeed in 2016!

When signing up for an digital artist portfolio use the code ARTOPPS to receive special pricing! Offer ends Friday, March 11th.

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From photography and sculpture to painting and mixed media, our artists have been selected for projects across the nation! See why they're so excited  to be part of Blink Art Resource!



"Art Design Consultants (ADC) and Blink Art Resource have created a platform to showcase my work to an incredible breadth of people I could have never reached by myself.

 The recognition of my art has been extremely encouraging, and the exposure has opened new opportunities for me as an artist. I had the honor of working with ADC on the prestigious GE Aviation project to outfit the executive suites and the CEO’s office. I can’t wait to see where my photography ends up next!"


Art Design Consultants I Art For Corporate

Brian Goodman's photography showcased in GE Aviation's new executive office space!


"Since my creation process is time consuming I want to spend my free time traveling and with my family – not hard selling my artwork. But there are so many opportunities waiting out there! That’s why I was ecstatic when I first heard about Blink Art Resource. It was exactly what I needed to keep my focus on my art. Now, with Blink Art Resource marketing my work to the right people, and rather than me doing the talking, I just let my art speak for itself."


images by renato commission (15 of 15)

Renato Foti's stunning slumped glass sculpture installed in a client's home in Miami, FL.



"Working with Art Design Consultants, Blink Art Resource, and winning prestigious awards with Art Comes Alive has brought me new avenues to promote my art and help me establish invaluable connections with design professionals across the country that are out there selling my work for me.
But I have to say, being in Blink Art Resource really raised the caliber of who was seeing my work, and I’m thrilled to report that I have had a number of art consultants and designers contact me about major art commissions!"



Le De Wit Blink Art Resource

Lea De Wit's work recently installed at the prestigious Price Waterhouse Cooper's corporate offices.


"Blink has been a positive and effective platform where my art is presented to a large list of clients in a highly professional manner! I'm thrilled Blink was able to sell a large commissioned sea foam sculptural drawing to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, which will be part of their permanent collection."



"And with the prestigious gallery representation at ADC and a national publication such as Blink Art Resource supporting and promoting my work, I have gained immense exposure resulting in sales across the United States – I went three years without a single sale and since Blink came out, traffic on my website is up and I have sold over eight works! More importantly though, I have regained belief in myself as an artist."



"Seeing the passion and dedication for the promotion of artists and art from Art Design Consultants and Blink Art Resource was highly encouraging for me to get involved. I’ve adopted a personal mantra to continuously allow myself to live and grow through life transitions and use my art as a documentary tool, and Blink’s outstanding catalog and online promotion gives my artwork a national voice and audience for my work."



"My involvement with Blink Art Resource led to collaboration with Art Design Consultants to create a large sculpture for the new Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. It has been extremely exciting for us to feature an installation in such an optimistic and healing atmosphere and to see that overcoming numerous challenges resulted in a successful sculptural concept that can be shared with the community. And now, with Blink providing critical connections, there are unlimited possibilities."


Art Design Consultants Art For Healthcare

Art Design Consultants Art For Healthcare

Shelley Parriott installing her perforated aluminum sculpture at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Hear from our designers why they are excited to use Blink! 


Contact Chelsea Tucker, our Development Director and Artist Liaison! Shoot her an email at or give her a call at 317-501-7236. She would love to hear more about you and your art!

When signing up for an digital artist portfolio use the code ARTOPPS to receive special pricing! Offer ends Friday, March 11th.

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