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Pantone's Color of the Year is Ultra Violet

Posted on 12 December 2017

Why You Should be Excited about the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year.


Many interior designers shy away from using purple. But why? It’s a color rich in history – from European royalty to rock-and-roll royalty. It’s a shade rare in nature, both complex and contemplative, and paradoxically dramatic and meditative.

Pantone's selection of Ultra Violet for 2018 seems to buck the norms of interior design and encourage cosmic investigation and intrigue.This intense shade of purple evokes creativity and confidence, as well as a sense of mystery and desire. 



About the Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

It’s “the most complex of all colors,” Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone Color Institue’s Executive Director, told The New York Times in an article in the Fashion and Style section published Thursday. “Because it takes two shades that are seemingly diametrically opposed — blue and red — and brings them together to create something new.”

As individuals around the world become more fascinated with color and realize its ability to convey deep messages and meanings, designers and brands should feel empowered to use color to inspire and influence. 

“The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.” – Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.


Pantone 2018 Color Inspiration with artwork by Tina Gutierrez

Instrumental Abstractions by Tina Gutierrez



How to use Purple in Interior Design

Purple spans both warm and cool and can create a different mood depending on the colors it’s combined with. We've pulled the most common color pairings together to illustrate how you can make the most of Pantone's enigmatic color.  


Deep purples with a hint of red produce a warm color scheme.

A great example of this is Alan O'Neal's Rothko-esque Violet Fusion. The slight red border is just enough to electrify the purple piece to bring energy and heat to the space.   



Lighter purples are delicate and often considered romantic. Feminine color schemes are created when combined with pink. 

Zina Zinchik creates a soft and etherial frozen floral series using lavendar and lilac hues.  Layers of the flower are hidden by ice creating a mystical quality that would make Ultra Violet proud. 


Earthy and natural color schemes combine deep purples with beige or lighter purples with green.

Purple is a pretty dominate color and works best in a two-tone color scheme when trying to achieve a serene interior. Michael Filonow's Botanical 43 brings a peaceful energy to the room. The light purple and dusty aqua provide calm, while the deep indigo center and the points of the petal radiate life. 



Yellow and purple are complementary colors and create strong eye-catching contrast.

This color contrast can get intense and fast, so balance it out with a minimalist environment to ensure a sophisticated look. Laura McClanahan's abstract is heavily textured which implies movement. The calm, modern room showcases the work perfectly. 





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