Blink Art Resource

ACA 2019 | paintings


Valerie Timmons



Todd Mosley

Can I Kick It


Nancy Kempf

In the Garden


James Smith

Not Defeated


Karen Rolfes

Magic in the Sky


Nava Lundy



Amy Hillenbrand

Magical Beininngs


Anyes Galleani

Urban Marilyn


Dawna Boehmer

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


JJ Galloway

Funny Girl


JJ Galloway

Giraffe with a Vegetable Crown


JJ Galloway

Ostrich with Pancakes


Patrice Erickson

Hazy River

Contact for Price

Kevin Burchett

Yellow House on Elm - Welcoming the Day


Elizabeth Geiler



Victoria Huckins

April Showers


Ginny Krueger

Funhouse III


James March

The Invisible World


David Terrar

Winter Gold


Eileen Corse

What a Dive


Joe Versikaitis

Neymar Jr.


Debra Van Tuinen

Swirl II


Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille

From Somewhere


Ted Borman

Family of Man


Vicki P. Maguire

Dorian's Song


Kate Word

Threshold 1


Priya Rama

Emproidered Dreams


Linda Colletta

Note to Self


Stephanie Holznecht

Tutti Frutti


Debra Kay Guess

In the High Plains


Kenneth Ray Wilson

Stripes, Curves, Blue and Yellow Triangles


Jack Magurany

James Dean #3


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