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Sonali Kukreja

The Rise


Marvin Gutin



Gary Borse



Rosemarie Bloch

Wishful Thinking


Gayle Lorraine

From the Belly Of


Rob Hill



Joyce Wenglowski

Mighty Color No. 2


Richard Butz



Donna Bernstein

Two Horses


Lisa Mann

By the River's Edge


Diane Seeman



Marcel Anthony Lee

Orange Blue and Ochre


David Swope

A Sea of Clouds


Deborah Haines

Untitled 7646K


Evan Hildebrandt

Finding Place


Susan Zatt

White Line


Becky Linhardt

Island in the Mist


Robert Boris Turpin

Colour of my Mind


Anna Franklin

Red Burst


Brian Goodman

Sea of Tranquility


Candace Sweet Primack

Emerald Dreams


Deborah Haines

Untitled 7382B


Stephen Galloway



Karina Llergo

Source of strength


Frank Satogata

Irodori Yutakana Hanazono


Anthony Castronovo

After Trillium


Jolie Harris

Swimming with Fishes


Becky Linhardt

Beyond the Point


Sandi Neiman Lovitz

Painted Air


Caroline Pyle



Helen Buck

Aspen Autumn


Jonathan Cox



Riis Burwell

Spirit Form


Stephanie Holznecht

Facing the Truth


Ursula J. Brenner

Playing (IMG 4223)


Daniel McKinley

The Seekers


Kay K. Worz



Alix Hallman Travis



Helene Steene

Antiquity Dive 1


Dave Ness

Energy of the Falls


Bette Ridgeway

First Light - Diptych


Diana Marra

The Orchid and the Butterfly


Stan Johnson

The New Sundra Straits


Mary Johnston

Chasing the Clouds


Joyce Wenglowski

In The Garden of the Sleeping Giant


Elizabeth LaPenna



Carla Goldberg

Seafoam Series Oahu


Jonas Gerard



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