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  • Twisted and Tangled
  • Twisted and Tangled

Twisted and Tangled

Paul Schoettinger



Paper clips

15 x 13 x 4 in.


About the Artist

I have fun making art and I hope people feel that when they see my work. Finding new and dynamic ways to display colors and color combinations is what I like best.

I most often use recycled or repurposed materials. Like paper clips, bottle caps, aluminum foil, roofing aluminum, glass, bicycle inner tubes and tires, automobile hubcaps, compact discs, blank credit cards and found picture frames. And I usually brighten things up with colorful acrylic paint.

I love to improvise and embrace randomness. I’m also big on texture and dimensionality. Whether it’s bent paper clips on a wall sculpture or thick layers of paint on a cardboard package, I try to make my work stick out. Both literally and figuratively. 

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