Blink Art Resource

Flashy Splashy | paintings

Lisa Schuster

Capella I


Julia Hacker

Fierce Sky

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Jeanette Montero

Aunt FIfi


Tonya Smith

Tiger Pops


Bette Ridgeway

Spirits Rising

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Karen Kirshner

Faith ©️Karen L Kirshner 2018

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Ron Scharfe

Let Me Count the Ways


Jennifer W. Schwartz

Cross Currents Subjective: Limeade


Linda Stelling

Shaman’s Dream Guide


Rebeca Calderón Pittman



Carol MacConnell



Rhona LK Schonwald


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GG Reid

Fauves Play III, Closer to the Street


Aro Artiste

You are Beautiful


Jay Jacobs

Observing Humans


Adam Lucey



Tom Owen

Mountains of Truth Never Climbed in Vain

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Jason Watts

Band of Trees

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Valerie Timmons

Looking Back


Ginny Krueger

Montisi Lemons


Peggy Rubin

Change of Plans


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