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  • Abstract Textures 2.3
  • Abstract Textures 2.3

Abstract Textures 2.3

Jean M. Judd



hand stitched thread on hand painted textile

43" x 38" x .375"

Abstract Textures 2.3 continues the undulating spiral and wave forms found in the earlier pieces of the series. Whole cloth construction with hand brushed dyes in broad, expressive strokes, created the basis for the artwork. Grayed tones of yellow, fuchsia, turquoise, and black are the predominant colors until viewed up close, and then bits of orange, grey, and green appear.

Dense hand stitching of blue and red threads brings forth the physical texture and shadow play across the piece. Installation of this piece can be in either a vertical or horizontal orientation which really opens up the display options for this work. Merging this artwork with any or all, of the pieces in the series, creates a dynamic contemporary artwork with unlimited shape and size installation possibilities.

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