Blink Art Resource

Little Beauties

Magdaly Montenegro



Paul Kroner

Untethered Joy

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Jake Lee

Too Deep #1

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Don Wunderlee

In Joe’s House


Marisa White


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Kevin Lyles

My Brother’s Keeper


Tom Owen

Controlled Access: Two Directions


Tom Owen

Points of Returning


Dianne Martia

Terravia 1


Ludmila Aristova

Illumination # 26


Ilanit Shalev

Transition #1

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Paul Schoettinger

81 Cubes


Art by Milessa

Poppy Love


Casey Horn



Shelley Heffler

Cut Twist Paint Tuck #15


Deborah Shea

Audrey Rose


Katherine Filice

Eternity - The Sacrament


Rebecca Katz



Sharon Feingold

Boundless I


David W. Douthat

Anchor Points #5


Melody Lane

Mobius2 Sculpture


Don Wunderlee

Blue and Gold


Cathy Shepherd

Sun Kissed


Deborah Thornberry



Sheetal Shaw

Drops of Boteh (bronze)


Jean Jacques Porret



Daniel G Pruitt


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Joe Gitterman

Movement 4

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Elizabeth Karlson

Tasty Rainbow

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Kevin Caron



Reno Carollo

3 Graces

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