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Jacqueline England



Oil on canvas

22 x 28 in.


About the Artist

Jacqueline has worked in various mediums, such as pastel, watercolour, gouache, acrylic, graphite and also oil.  She decided to continue with oils as she loved the intense colour that could be achieved using them. When she paints, it is imperative that she strives to create photo-realism, especially for her horses, as they brought back memories, as she felt her paint brush move over the details of the head, find the light in their eyes, feel the muscles of their beautiful bodies.  As long as she could picture in her mind her hand moving over the body of a horse, she would achieve the height of realism she demanded. 

Jacqueline’s greatest wish is that upon viewing her paintings, the viewer will be able to feel and see what she saw while painting all these gorgeous creatures of nature and to have a greater insight of the animal it portrays.

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