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Helen Kagan

My Universe Series - Healing Chakras

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Trish Weeks

Flight of Fall


Courtney Einhorn

Miami Daze

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FD Art & Design

Antonio G. Soler

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Miguel Lee-Leon


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Jim Pescott

Backyard Sunshine


Nancy Binford

Stained Glass


Joe Reinke

Back Trail


Manss Aval

Dante's Visit

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Tina Palmer

Morning Fog


Cathy Locke

Pink Ladies


Hal Mayforth



Ming Franz

Evening Shore


Joyce Wenglowski

In The Garden of the Sleeping Giant


Tina Palmer

Walking Together


Sandra Lett

Peacock Fantasy


Alix Hallman Travis

Basking in the Glow of Monet


Don Wunderlee

A Force of Nature


Josie Gearhart



Nancy Binford

Moon Rise


Sergey Mozer



Carol MacConnell

Ault Park


Lisa Mann

Vibrant Seas


Dick Waller



Paul Cunningham

Patterns in Blue

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Karen Rolfes

No Worries


Amy Hillenbrand

A Little Thistle and That


Suzanne Pemberton

Force Field 1


Filomena de Andrade Booth

It's All or Nothing


Patti Borden

Jelly Roll


Robbie Kemper

Orange Square Black Scribbles

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Joanne "Lotus Blossom" Lesak

Dreamweaver in Woodland Indian Regalia


Robert Boris Turpin

Colour of my Mind


Diana Marra

Abstract #3


Vito Bonanno

Airplane Crashes into Trolley Square


Liz Zorn

Affinity I


Catherine Gibbs

Spirit of the Train


Sonali Kukreja

I Say Yes Way


Becky Linhardt

Snow Day


Amy Hillenbrand

Group Hug


Tom Geyer

The Queen's Croquet


Michael Carini


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Marti Leroux

The Enchanted Garden V


Frank Satogata

Lilly Pond


Sandra Lett

Koi Fish

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Terri Schmitt



Bonnie Lambert

Towards the Light


Patrice Erickson

Beautiful Ending


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