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  • Deep in a Forest

Deep in a Forest

Amir Bahar



Oil on canvas

36 x 48 in.


About the Artist

Amir Bahar is an Iranian born artist, residing in the USA since 2012. Amir was born in Tehran and grew up during the years of revolution and war. Amir started his professional art career as a teenager and in 1994 by drawing portrays and later working abstract as he focused and specialized in these styles of painting and attended the prominent Tehran based Art Institute of Hussain Alizadeh. Amir also attended Daneshgahi University and received an Associate Degree from this university.

Amir mostly uses oil color and charcoal. Recently he works on a new collection to challenge digital arts. He believes if you look deeply into digital art products, there is nothing but the pixels with no recognizable meaning. In his recent collection Amir uses some tetrahedral shapes to represent as digital pixels. He also adds another layer of meaning to the pixel representation with introducing different textures to each one, again challenging digital art with its mostly flat character. Coming out of these colorful yet meaningless pixels he makes a symbolic character that has special meaning for at least some part of the people worldwide...such as ladybugs symbolizing good luck.

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