Blink Art Resource

Wall Installation

Nina Cambron

Rhythmic Bands


Mike Elsass

Superior Abrasives Vandalia

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Lea de Wit



Tommy Moss

Continuum Sliver 2


Jodi Reeb

In the Breeze


Corey Ellis


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Goldberg | Stevens

Earth’s Oceans



Bar Code 9


Suzi Trubitz

Celestial Nights

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Shelley Heffler

Rainbow Tribe


Wendy Franklin

Deserving of Spring


Daniel G Pruitt

Seagrass III

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Carol Ladewig



Liz Cummings

Mixed Metals

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Barbara Westfall

Fire Rainbow

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Casey Horn

End of Spring Triptych


Paul Brandejs

Airplane Sunset


John and Marcia Koverman

Untitled (Water)


Lawrence R. Armstrong


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Pattie Byron


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Tommy Moss

Continuum Sliver


Paul Schoettinger

Amalgamation 56 (Purple)


Riis Burwell

Serenade Wall Sculpture


Renato Foti

Large Retro Mesh 1

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Linda Leviton

Copper Vessels

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Carla Goldberg

Ripple Effect


Ken Rausch

Curve Series


Amy Meya


From $140.00 - $515.00

Emily Randolph



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