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  • Mixed Media abstract artwork. Original artwork for sale by ADC fine art.
  • Mixed Media abstract in a living room. Original Fine art for sale.

Lakeside Conversations

Tom Owen


water-borne enamel, acrylic and latex paints, wax pastel on canvas

24 x 36 in.

About the Artist

Tom is an award-winning mixed-media artist of coastal vibes and urban sensibilities. “Using marks and forms I create intuitive, layered abstracts rooted in memory and place reflecting the emotions we all experience. My style embraces a 'discipline of accident,' using whatever happens on the canvas in the creative process. I often recycle dried paint peeled and scraped from palettes to use as collage in my paintings.” Tom holds a B.S. in English literature and an M.A. in psychology. His paintings are in private and corporate collections across the United States.

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