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Artist FAQ

What is Blink Art? 

Blink Art is a multi-media promotional platform that assists artists with gaining large scale, targeted exposure to the nation’s top-tier industry professionals through print, digital, gallery, and shows. We are currently seeking talent for our 2019 catalog.


What is the deadline to submit my work?

The deadline to sign up for the Blink Art Resource 2019 print publication and submit your work is Friday, March 1, 2019. Our Online Artist Portfolios have a rolling application and are accepted year-round. 


Who will see my work?

Blink Art will connect you with the nation’s top designers as well as architects, facility managers, art galleries, art consultants, purchasing agents & art dealers.

The Blink Art Resource sourcebook saves designers time from sourcing artwork from multiple venues, by providing them an annual go-to guide for finding client and/or site-specific works of art. It’s a one-stop catalog of professional artists from all around the nation that have been hand selected and/or juried in to guarantee it is a collection of the most talented and professional artists available.


When will the book be shipped?

Blink Art Resource is an April to April publication and will arrive in the hands of the art and design professionals April 2019.


I love the idea! Can I sign up next year?

Why hold off on another year of continued success? It is always best to get rolling now so you can reap the benefits starting now! Signing up now guarantees that you will receive a two-year price fix. Check out the other amazing perks you’ll receive as a Blink Art artist.


Why a print catalog in a digital age?

You could spend days, weeks and months endlessly searching online for the right art. Blink Art does the work for you by putting a collection of different artworks in a variety of mediums at the buyers’ fingertips.


Do I get a copy of the book?

Of course! Each artist that signs up will receive a complimentary copy of the Blink Art Resource trade book.


What is your success rate?

We’ve had great success involving Blink Art artists in current and upcoming projects! ADC, Art Design Consultants alone has sourced over 400 works of art since the first edition in 2015. From the print publication, online representation and through shows, Blink artists are sourced for projects by our extensive list of art specifiers daily.


Who is behind Blink Art?

ADC, Art Design Consultants, a group of experienced art consultants specializing in corporate, healthcare, hospitality and residential projects, created Blink Art Resource out of necessity. We needed a constant stream of art by professional artists for new projects but had nowhere to find them. So the best designer sourcebook for art, Blink Art Resource, was born.


I’m interested in being represented by ADC. How does that work?

Due to the immense interest in Blink Art, we are currently receiving a high volume of submissions to be represented by the ADC gallery. At this time, we are focusing our attention on the numerous artists that have signed to be a part of Blink Art. 


Who do I contact?

Have any questions about Blink Art representation? Contact the founder, Litsa Spanos, at to find out more! 


Is there a jury process?

Yes! Our jury is comprised of art and design professionals as well as the Blink Art design, production, and marketing team. Meet the team!


Will Blink Art take a commission on my sale?

As a Blink Art artist, you are able to pick the representation to best suit your business model. The Blink Art Resource trade book empowers and provides the tools for artists to establish their own relationship through direct channels. Designers and art buyers are able to contact artists directly to the source and procure art, of which Blink Art will not take a commission

If you would like Blink Art to sell your work for you through our online art marketplace (we cover the cost of packaging and shipping), in our gallery, or at national shows, we offer a very competitive commission structure! 


Can you help me select the best images to use?

Absolutely! Our consultants are here to make the process as easy as possible. If you are unsure of a photo, send it our way and we’ll help you decide!


Will I be refunded my money if my work isn’t juried in? 

Yes, you will be 100% refunded if your work isn’t a good fit for the services Blink Art offers to artists.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and even checks, and offer financing plans at no additional fee. There are multiple payment options depending on promotional package and time of registration.

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