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 Carla Goldberg, mixed media artist

"I’ve gotten many of my commissions through Blink Art. Half of them come straight from designers who saw my work while they were flipping through the Blink Art Resource. The other half is from direct clients...What is significant for me is that Blink exposes me to different regions. Blink is sent to designers all over the country, and to have my work introduced to new areas is always beneficial."

Carla Goldberg, mixed-media artist

Hunter Brown, sculptor

“Because they saw my work in Blink, I'm currently working with the curatorial group on several projects including a large sculpture installation for an apartment building in Indianapolis. One piece turned into three--I sold two smaller pieces for the interior of the home and closed on a large commission piece for the exterior.

“My one regret is that I only did a one-page ad rather than two in the publication. Blink has already proven to be a great platform for exposure. I'm excited to see what is to come. I will definitely continue to work with Blink in the future.”

Hunter Brown, sculptor

Renato Foti

"Since my creation process is time consuming, I want to spend my free time traveling and with my family - not selling artwork. Blink Art Resource is exactly what I needed to keep my focus on my art. Now, with Blink Art Resource marketing my work to the right people, and rather than me doing the talking, I just let my art speak for itself - and it's selling!"

Renato Foti, glass artist


Tom Owen

"With Blink Art Resource supporting and promoting my work, I have gained immense exposure resulting insales across the U.S. I went three years without a single sale and since Blink, traffic on my website is up and I have sold over eight works!"

Tom Owen, mixed media artist




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