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  • Aged Psychedelic #5
  • Aged Psychedelic #5

Aged Psychedelic #5

Jean M. Judd



hand stitched thread on hand rust pigmented textile

17" x 13.75""

The Aged Psychedelic series is the beginning of my exploration of transferring the marbling process to textiles. This series of ten pieces uses airbrush paint as the dye to create the marbled surface design. I have found that the airbrush paint changes the hand of the textile ground and makes my signature dense hand stitching more difficult to achieve. These pieces are smaller compared to most of my usual work.

Aged Psychedelic #5 continues my exploration of using the geared drawing tool, Wild Gears, for designing my hand stitched designs directly onto the artwork. The airbrush paint colorations are muted here, almost pastel like. The hand stitched design dominates the marbled background in this piece. Up close inspection reveals delicate changes in color in the marbled ground.

This piece is designed to be displayed in a horizontal or vertical orientation and will be spectacular paired up with several of the other pieces in this series.

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