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  • 4IMG2945 / multiple sizes available / multiple substrates available


Charleen Baugh

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This artwork is available for direct purchase or commission through the artist.

multiple substrates available
multiple sizes available

About the Artist

Charleen is a native Texan and has been capturing the beauty and elements of nature for over 25 years. She is drawn to the vibrant colors and art that can be found in nature. Her artistic vision leads her to explore a scene for hours in order to capture hidden details which might easily be overlooked. She has learned that the experiences one shares with nature are unique to each individual and cannot be found anywhere else.

Charleen's work includes expressive landscapes and waterscapes with an emphasis on abstracts, as well as wildlife interaction. As her art evolves, she is striving to create mixed media pieces for which her nature images are the inspiration. Her images are available as fine art prints on a variety of mediums and for image use rights.

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