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  • Clorindo Frame Lamp

Clorindo Frame Lamp

Cari Cohen


mixed media painting on wood panel with light

The Frame Lamps series includes a collection of lamps placed within a hand-carved wooden square frame. It’s frame is decorated with different designs and colors.  The warm glow from the incandescent bulb, which inserts directly into the right side of the frame, is balanced out with the rustic wood, giving just the amount of light for any bookshelf, kitchen or desk.

The Graffiti line draws splashy orange and red tones balance out the light wood, creating the perfect statement piece for any wall.

Each artisan lamp is polished, smoothed and painted by hand. It’s then topped off with a matte lacquer that adds protection and resistance, making sure your lamp stays in perfect condition for years.

Shipping included in the price within the USA.

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