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  • Crocus Blast

Crocus Blast

Gary Bagnato


Oil on board


28 x 32 in.


About the Artist

Gary Bagnato is a New Age Gothic Van Gogh. Thats a mouthful but it reflects the broad spectrum of his art. Where as artists paint conventional still life or scenes. I try to amp the gender up to a whole new level. My art in general has a lot of heart and soul, and all in all it's eclectic.

Growing up in Northeast Ohio I didn’t have much opportunity to be a part of the art world. But I was drawn at an early age to create, and did so every chance I got.

To sum up Gary Bagnato’s artwork in a statement: the fine arts exhibition director of the Ohio State Fair Art Show, Pamela O’Loughlin made the comment that Gary Bagnato’s artwork was in a word, “exquisite”. Definition of the word: consummate excellence, very beautiful, showing delicate perception, or close discrimination, excellence in workmanship!


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