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  • Contrasts LVIII (58) / 120 x 96 / acrylic on canvas
  • Contrasts LVIII (58) / 120 x 96 / acrylic on canvas

Contrasts LVIII (58)

Dick Waller


acrylic on canvas
120 x 96

About the Artist

Dick Waller started painting in 1974, originally as a release from the strict regimen of performing as principal clarinetist of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. As his passion for art grew, he developed a style he calls “free association art.” All of his pieces bear the title “Contrasts” followed by a roman numeral, inspired by the wonderful Bartok trio for clarinet, violin and piano. It both describes his contrasting styles of painting as well as the contrast of colors he uses. In a way, the contrast numbers should be considered opus numbers; most works of composers are untitled symphonies or sonatas with an opus number, which gives the listener the freedom to interpret the music with his or her own ear. Similarly, by leaving the paintings without a title, it is his desire that the viewer has the freedom to interpret each piece in their own way.

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