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  • Falling Stars

Falling Stars

Amir Bahar



Oil on canvas

36 x 48 in.


About the Artist

I grew up during the years of revolution and war in my country. I remember people had suffered to survive and they had had unpleasant live. I still remember my childhood feeling and the people surrounding me. I can feel them. Their feeling come to my painting with the dark colors. However, as I always believe, good days are coming, I use light colors on top of my painting. My painting start from dark colors and I finish them with white color that is symbol of paradise in my country. My belief leads me to use vivid colors even in the hardest time in my life. I mostly use oil colors on canvas. I was inspired by universe when I was a teenager. This inspiration with the childhood feeling lead me to my style today. Due to this inspiration most of my paintings have universal names.

Recently I work on a new collection to challenge digital arts. I believe if you look deeply into digital art products, there is nothing but the pixels with no recognizable meaning. In my recent collection I use some tetrahedral shapes to represent as digital pixels. I also add another layer of meaning to the pixel representation with introducing different textures to each one, again challenging digital art with its mostly flat character. Coming out of these colorful yet meaningless pixels I make a symbolic character that has special meaning for at least some part of the people worldwide...such as ladybugs symbolizing good luck

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