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  • Floating Horizontals A
  • Floating Horizontals A

Floating Horizontals A

Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille


installation  of 6 photos printed on aluminum

each photo is 12" x 12"

Floating Horizontals are paintings shaped like waterlillies, water plant with symbolic meanings in different cultures and eras. As in the Vanities paintings of the 17th century, BBF keep the idea of the possibility of a fall for an object placed on an horizontal. She creates installations with the paintings and they drift on the horizontality of the water to the moment where they fall underwater and began to dance following the rhythm of the water. BBF goes swimming with them underwater, takes photos which are later printed to re-create the concept of  installation on a wall. As she says: «When I go  swimming with my paintings, I am at the same time an actress and a spectator. It is an experience of the eye and the whole body. Each photo is a  moment of a story of time.

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