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  • Freedom Panel

Freedom Panel

Hasna Sal




8 x 19.5 in.


About the Artist

I studied fine art in England and Wales for four years, dabbling in a myriad of media including pastels, water colors, oils, acrylics etc. I conducted an exhibition of watercolor renderings at the Cornwall museum in 1997. I then relocated to Boston, MA and completed a five year professional degree program in architecture and urban design, and my thesis for final year was glass. I moved to Kansas in 2002. In Kansas, I worked as an architect and taught design studio at the University of Kansas; here I confronted the final frontier of my career—the craft of glass sculptures. I have been sculpting glass since 2004. In 2010, I was accepted into Harvard for a postgraduate degree in landscape architecture. My education at Harvard gave me a greater understanding for the natural world and I translate my observations into my sculptural forms. I am also a dancer, and I incorporate the movement and feeling of movement in my sculptures, utilizing storytelling techniques and fusing different concepts and techniques. My sculptures are a cornucopia of planes, textures, tonalities, resonances, moods, emotions, morality, chaos and more. And finally, my sculptures are the voice of color. Color is fundamental to the human spirit. It alleviates, invigorates, humanizes us…and I let it serenade.

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