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  • Warming / 43 x 47 / mixed media and acrylic
  • Warming / 43 x 47 / mixed media and acrylic


Grace Ashruf

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mixed media and acrylic
43 x 47

About the Artist

Grace Ashruf, who lives and works in Aruba since 1999, was constantly inspired to draw and paint. The embrace of art existed throughout her life, which accompanied Ashruf as she moved to Guatemala in 1995, and Curaçao in 1997. Ashruf was born and raised in Suriname.

During her time living in each of these countries, Ashruf studied full time in the established art schools of these nations. The distinctive cultural elements she observed have left an impact on her work, and affect the inspirations she draws from. In addition to her formal training, Ashruf completed several apprenticeships under masters in her craft; further developing her style and aesthetic.

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