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  • Brightly colored abstract painting by Marvin Gutin with orange, pink and purple organic forms.
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Marvin Gutin


Oil on canvas

30h x 50w in


About the Artist

Marvin started painting in the 1950s studying at the Museum of Modern Art for two years and privately with the noted WPA artist Lucia Salemme for three more years. In the early 1970s he lived in Spain for several years, painting and traveling Europe to visit museums and galleries. He has had one-man shows in New York City at the Ward Eggleston Gallery and Caravan House, he was also included in group shows at the City Center and the Leanarda Di Mauro Gallery. His work appears in the collections of Mr. Jerry Stiller of New York, N.Y. and Mr. Charles Joffe of Beverly Hills, CA. as well as many others.

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