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  • Big Apple, I love you! / 60 x 48 / acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Big Apple, I love you!

Helen Kagan

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acrylic and mixed media on canvas
60 x 48

About the Artist

Coming from a family of scientists, Helen Kagan PhD, was always fascinated by left-right brain relationship. A refugee from Russia, her art reflects an existential view on life, desire to bridge Realities and heal the Past. A holistic therapist and artist, Helen developed her unique technique and style “Healing Arts” that integrates Fine Art and the Art of Healing, to enhance well-being in a viewer. She believes that art is a catalyst for healing individuals, society and environment, she believes in mind-body-spirit connection, and that now, more than ever, World needs the positive energy and spiritually-based intentions, beliefs and values. Her passionate art is a statement of all her beliefs.

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