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  • Oversized acrylic painting by Laura McClanahan. Water patterns flowing in blue, green, purple and gold.
  • In the Mountains You Found the Fountain

In the Mountains You Found the Fountain

Laura McClanahan



Acrylic on canvas

48h x 96w in


About the Art

With all of my Channeling Nadis series, the paintings are topographical maps of the hills and rivers around my property. The rain I noticed makes small rivers down the hillside. They are exactly like larger streams or rivers, just on a smaller scale. I am fascinated when I pour the watered down media over the canvases, that the water follows these river channels. As the canvas dries, the pattern of water changes and layers of rivers form. The fabric allows me to gain an imprint of the ground as I trace it with flowing water mixed with acrylics and inks. This fractal branching is in the human body in many ways and in our wiring of bodily energy systems. I pour a lot of water so that it picks up and carries the paint with it like sediment in a river. Most of the paint I use is a mineral color: copper, silver, Mayan gold, or turquoise. Each painting has a trail of minerals flowing off the end of it. The pathways or channels change and flow in new patterns with every adjustment. 


About the Artist

Laura McClanahan is an exhibiting artist known for her abstract photography, photograms and video. She is a 2008 graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art with an MFA in Studio Art. She is represented in gallery exhibitions and Art Fairs and presented in Solo Exhibitions by Simon Gallery in Morristown, NJ. Laura gives gallery talks and lectures about her experimental processes and concepts to gallery and University audiences.
Certified in Art Education from Parsons and Bank Street in NYC in addition to her undergraduate design education from Lehigh University, Laura taught Art, Architecture and Graphic Design at Rutgers Preparatory School in New Jersey from 1996-2013.
Co-founder of Creative Frequencies in 2012, Laura gives Intuitive Art workshops helping others unblock their creativity.

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