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  • Julia Floor LED Lamp
  • Julia Floor LED Lamp

Julia Floor LED Lamp

Cari Cohen


mixed media painting on wood panel with LED light box on the back

The Floor LED Lamp are a stylish and unique collection of lamps which features LED lighting placed within longer wooden frames that can be situated on the floor or on a shelf.  

This option includes two pieces:

You will get a single lamp, stretching 3.5 inches in width, that comes equipped with an LED light in the back. It is powered by an inline power adapter that plugs into 110v, and covered with plastic to make sure every cord and plug stays hidden!

Plus an extra, thinner wooden log. At two inches wide, the second painted piece adds dimension, style and artistic flair to the first -- making sure no one ever misses it when they walk in the room. The thinner piece does not have an LED lamp.

Shipping included in the price within the USA.

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