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  • Fading Layers / 36x36 / Oil - cold wax on panel
  • Fading Layers / 36x36 / Oil - cold wax on panel

Fading Layers

Lisa B. Boardwine

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Oil - cold wax on panel

About the Artist

In the tradition of the Abstract Expressionists, my work stems from a subconscious and intuitive process. I record my energy and passions, and the works are truly an expression of my soul and experiences. Essential to the language of my painting is the layering of textures, marks, and color to create a history of surface. The “spirit of place” always inspires my work. Travels to Italy and exposure to the sensibility of the eroding nature of ancient architecture and the stories within have influenced my latest work. I build up and tear down, excavating to recreate a sense of the mysterious through many layers of media. In this process, I cherish the freedom I have found to experiment, express, and explore the world through my work.

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