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  • Caribbean Lagoon / 49x37 / pigment - acrylics on canvas
  • Caribbean Lagoon / 49x37 / pigment - acrylics on canvas

Caribbean Lagoon

Bettie Grace Miner


This artwork is available for direct purchase or commission through the artist.

pigment - acrylics on canvas


About the Artist

Self-taught, Bettie's approach to creating an art piece comes from the heart. As a classically trained musician, music inspired imagery is a natural favorite. She interprets the art through listening to the music as she paints and allows the art to have its way as the music infiltrates the canvas, capturing the excitement and evoking the essence of music within her vivid art.Miner’s approach to other subjects remains constant. Wine art, Italian landscapes and architecture, nature inspired pieces and intimate portraiture all reveal the same passion, color, and insight.

Miner’s art is sought after by numerous and varied collectors including Music Festivals, Record Labels, Interior Designers, and Licensors. She collaborates with diverse publications, galleries, curators, wineries, and ad agencies. Her dedication to children’s causes, environmental, wildlife, and art programs has been a heartfelt and ongoing ambition.

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