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  • Spatial Harmony / 22 x 54 x 27 / stainless steel

Spatial Harmony

Bruce A. Niemi


This artwork is available for direct purchase or commission through the artist.

stainless steel
22 x 54 x 27


About the Artist

The sculptures Bruce creates are characterized by an uplifting positive dynamic, his faith in God, the power, and beauty of nature and the energy and balance of dance are the driving forces behind his art.

His purpose is to stimulate the mind of the viewer, as well as creating a sculpture that complements and has harmony with the environment that it shares. Stainless steel and silicon bronze are Bruce's primary materials of choice. He does all of his own fabrication and love the process from start to finish. Craftsmanship, structural strength, and public safety are also important elements to his finished work. To date Bruce has 52 permanent public sculptures throughout the United States and Europe.

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