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  • Placido #1
  • Placido #1

Placido #1

Jeff Green


Photographic print on Fine Art Paper; unframed.

Limited edition of 25. 












Additional sizes available upon request.


About the Artist

I aim to capture patterns, gestures and textures that have a bit of ambiguity and mystery, in a dynamic and engaging composition that bewilders you a bit, but in doing so engenders an emotional response. 

On a deeper, perhaps more psychological, level I want to celebrate disorder and chaos, which confronts my natural predilection for control and definitiveness.  With this mindset, I feel I’m embracing a photographic approach that is the antithesis of the early 20th century f64 photographers or the more recent photo-realist artists. 

My images are captured in a variety of locations including America's National Parks, Iceland, Aruba, Arizona, Upstate New York, Long Island and New England.  I handle the complete workflow of each image, from capture, through editing and digital development, to producing the final print.

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