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  • Fluido #11
  • Fluido #11

Fluido #11

Jeff Green


photographic print on fine art paper; unframed.

custom sizes and substrates available, starting at $150


About the Artist

For me photography is a challenging and inspiring process of discovery and experimentation, at both the time of capture and in the digital darkroom. 

I aim to reveal (directly and via intentional camera movement) often unseen patterns, gestures and textures with a bit of ambiguity and mystery, in a dynamic and engaging composition that engenders a sense of wonder and optimism.

Color, a sense of movement, and spontaneity are important expressive elements for me as they counter my more deliberative nature.  The ability to play and the continual learning in my photography are particularly meaningful and quite liberating. 

My images are captured in a variety of locations including America's National Parks, Iceland, Aruba, Arizona, Alaska, Upstate New York, Long Island and New England.  I handle the complete workflow of each image, from capture, through editing and digital development, to producing the final print.

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