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  • Memories of Mexico / 36 x 36 / acrylics - charcoal
  • Memories of Mexico / 36 x 36 / acrylics - charcoal

Memories of Mexico

Candace Sweet Primack


This artwork is available for direct purchase or commission through the artist.

acrylics - charcoal
36 x 36

About the Artist

Candace is an abstract painter, that is often torn between two worlds, feeling that she is most fulfilled and balanced when working in both of them. The first is the world of color, texture and movement. Using a number of mediums, she can manipulate them in a variety of ways, being led to create pieces that she feels are kinetic and energetic, instilling within the viewer a sense of hope and joy. Simultaneously she is also drawn to the monochromatic and contemplative, desiring a large canvas filled with no more that two or three colors, but invites a more methodical approach without compromising sophistication and method.

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